C is for Cookie...

I love custom orders. A lot of my products started out as custom requests, and they turned out so well that I had to list them in my shop. My best friend begged me to make her Spectraspecs for months, and when I finally took the time to design them I knew I had something special in my hands. It is now one of my best sellers. Sometimes people ask me to make multi-colored decals and I know that agreeing to make them means I will be hand placing tiny little pieces, or having to line up separate pieces perfectly (like my Umbrella Corp. logo), but I rarely say no to these challenges. No matter how daunting the decal may seem, these are the ones that set me apart from a normal vinyl shop.

Last night I had a customer contact me with a request for a decal to decorate a child's tumbler. The more we chatted about the project, the more ideas we came up with. By the end of the night we had agreed on a multi-colored, stacked set of decals. I was eager to get to work on the project, so as soon as I woke up this morning (after my coffee....coffee always comes first) I knocked out this custom decal. I am very proud of the way it turned out and I wanted to share it will you all. I think Kayden is going to be a very happy kiddo when he gets his cup!  BeforeFinished!

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